brad nails

  • 14 Gauge Pneumatic ST Concrete Brad Nails

    14 Gauge Pneumatic ST Concrete Brad Nails

    ● ST nails are produced by high carbon steel ● More efficiently and widely used in different fields ● The nails are packed with individual plastic box, protect product during shipment ● This nail is round flat head straight line chain riveting ● The mail point is traditional prismatic shape structure, is applicable to international standard gas nail gun

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  • 16gauge T20/T25/T30/T32/T38/T40/T45/T50 Nails

    16gauge T20/T25/T30/T32/T38/T40/T45/T50 Nails

    ● It is made of high-quality galvanized steel, 16 gauge steel nails, rust protection, stable and tight characteristic ● This product is suitable for binding work such as house insulation, house wrapping, furniture decoration, carpet laying, interior decoration and craft materials ● It is suitable for MAX,BOSTITCH,MASTERPROOF,MAKITA,SENCO pneumatic nailers,sharp and easily pierce through many different materials ● MOQ:1 ton, delivery time:about 15 days

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  • 14 Gauge DT Brad Nails

    14 Gauge DT Brad Nails

    ● This nail is square body flat head straight line chain riveting,the single trimming cut mail point is used for it ● The t-shaped nail head of this electro-galvanized cloth nail has a smooth nail body, which can push the nail out more accurately and easily, and the nail tip can easily pierce where it needs to be assembled

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  • 18gauge F10/F15/F20/F25/F30/F35/F40/F50 Nails

    18gauge F10/F15/F20/F25/F30/F35/F40/F50 Nails

    ● The nail is 18 Fastener Gauge,sharp but sturdy and durable ● A pack include 5000PCS per box,20 and 12 boxes per ctn,can do the OEM according to customer's request ● Can be used for various brands of air guns, suitable for light to heavy nailing work, to meet your different needs ● Also available in medium carbon steel and high carbon steel, this nail can be used for heavy duty binding jobs, with multiple types for most of your fastening needs

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  • 15 Gauge 34 Degree DA Brad Nails

    15 Gauge 34 Degree DA Brad Nails

    ● DA nails are electroplated. Unlike other flattened nails, this nail is round wire ● DA nails are 34-35 degree inclined,and the nail tips are yellow and brushed with anti-rust oil ● A box contains 5000 counts, with 84 sticks in each row and 60 rows per box. They are easy to switch when you move from one project to another. An assortment of multiple sizes will meet most of your fastening needs. ● The nails are effectively resist rust and corrosion

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