Monthly Sales Team Construction


In order to better strengthen the cohesion of the sales team and allow everyone to relax after work, a monthly team building activity was held.

This event is divided into individual competitions and group competitions. In the first round, the individual event is to get cash by rolling soda bottles. The second round is a combination game. Several games are played in the form of drawing lots. The winning team in each game can win rich prizes. Before the game started, the atmosphere was already very high, and everyone was full of confidence. During the competition, everyone gave full play to their strengths, and cooperated with the team members to discuss countermeasures and win the competition together; at the end of the competition, everyone took out the prizes they had won and shared them with each other. In competition, we are more about helping each other, helping to solve difficulties, in order to better serve each of our customers and work more efficiently.

This event was completed with laughter and laughter, looking forward to the next event.

Monthly Sales Team Construction

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