2018 Furniture and Building Materials Exhibition


In July 2018, our company participated in the home building materials exhibition held in Guangzhou. Attracted all kinds of buyers and customers to the exhibition site.

Our company carefully arranged the exhibition site to display our products and brands. Before the exhibition started, we also vigorously promoted the exhibition and invited customers. After the exhibition started, customers from different provinces and cities came to our booth one after another. The atmosphere was warm and enthusiastic. Many customers have shown great interest in our product pneumatic nails. In view of the current industry market conditions, as well as our factory's production and sales of various aspects of the exchange of opinions.

On that day, some foreign friends and foreign customers doing business in China came to the scene and had various conversations. There are also some customers who do not know much about our products. Through the exhibition, they also expressed that they will have more understanding of our products in the future, and we are also communicating with customers with new ideas, and have learned a lot of foreign distribution and product end customers, which will help our products and improvement of service capabilities.

2018 Furniture and Building Materials Exhibition

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